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Part A
Find the time it takes the projectile to reach its maximum height.
Express in terms of , , and (the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity).

Part B
Find , the time at which the projectile hits the ground.
Express the time in terms of , , and .

Part C
Find , the maximum height attained by the projectile.
Express the maximum height in terms of , , and .
Part D
Find the total distance (often called the range) traveled in the x direction; in other words, find where the projectile lands.
Express the range in terms of , , and .
I think they just want the formulas but I cant seem to get it right.

    Answers ( 2 )

    1. viktor sauer
      viktor sauer

    2. mathilde petersen
      mathilde petersen
      a)Time of ascent
      b)Time of decent
      c)The maximum height is
      d)The range

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