The problem I'mfaced with is the chore of completi...

The problem I'mfaced with is the chore of completing this assignment by hand.Rather than use the "shortcut formula" first, my teacher wants ourclass to suffer through doing these problems out in longhand.Unfortunately, even he is stuck on the answer for this problem.What I have reproduced below is exactly the same thing my teacherhas...we worked together to try and solve this.

My first step was to placeeverything into the f-1(x) equation:

The second step we took was tomultiply by the conjugate of the numerator to be leftwith

(that "exponent" in the denominator isn't supposed to be there...mymistake)

The third step wetook was to multiply by the conjugate again. This time wemultiplied by the conjugate of the denominator (except for the "h"by itself outside of the brackets...that should be closed where the"exponent" is), leaving us with
which turns into and into
but in finding and using theshortcut method, I end up with a different answer of

What on earth did I do wrong?This is my first attempt at a derivitave, so bear with me if thesenotations are slightly off or if I've made a stupidmistake.

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  1. liam thompson
    liam thompson
    we make the form of the formula

    dervivative of

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