I need help solving this problem i'm confused on h...

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  1. svenja brunner
    svenja brunner
    a.) applying a source transformation to each current sourceyields
    then combine the 12V and 5 V sources into a singlevoltage source and the 6ohm, 6ohm and 5 ohm into a single resistorto get
    Now use a source transformation on each voltage source,
    basically what is voltage source make change to currentsource,
    what is series with voltage source will be change to parrelledto current source.
    so you can make it simplified to:
    note: sorry the current source should pointed down and i =i_o
    so i_o = 8.5/10*(-1)=-0.85A
  2. marcel thiele
    marcel thiele
    b.) just use mesh analysis you should be able to solveit:
    6(ia ? 2) + 6ia + 5(ia ? 1) + 17(ia ? io)? 34 = 0
    1.5io + 34 + 17(io ? ia) = 0

    Solving, ia = 1.075 A; io = ?0.85 A

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