Need help to find the molecular shapes and polarit...

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  1. isabella gutierrez
    isabella gutierrez
    To find the molecular hapes first calculate the totalvalence electron of the substance
    then draw the lewis structure then with the help ofnumber of bonds, molecular hape can be determined.
    I am doing it for HNO3
            total balenceelectron = 1e+5e+3(6e) = 24e
           Lewis structure ofHNO3
    thus molecular shape around central N is triagonalplanar.
       To determine the polarity we have to know theelectronegativity difference between the respective atoms like inthis case O atom is more electronegative than N atom hence the bondN-O is polar.Hence HNO3 is a polar molecule.
    Remember that electronegativity decreases down thegroup & increases along the period towards right.
    Hope U got the clear picture of molecular shaperest u can do it for Urself.

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