I am not liking these proofs, and they stress me o...

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  1. melike ta?l?
    melike ta?l?
    i forgot to put angle x in there it is the vertex of R T, sothere is a RXT
  2. tamara webb
    tamara webb
    I am not liking these proofs, and they stress me out to dothem. I can get like the givens, but then i just dont knowwhere to go from there. Here is the question

    I suppose what is required to be proved is that traingles RXY andTXW are congruent(for the angles RXY and TXW are verticle anglesand are congruent anyway irrespective of the other data)
    Traingles RYW and TWY are congruent(ASA)(YW is comman, anglesTWY and RYW are given to be congruent(base angles of issocelestraingle), angles TYW and RWY are congruent(being halves of thecongruent angles) therefore the corresponding angles YRW and WTYare congruent and the corresponding sides RY and TW arecongruent.
    In traingles RXY and TXW the sides RY and TW are congruent(as shownabove), angles YRX(=angleYRW) and WTX(=angleWTY) are congruent(asshown above) and the angles RXY and TXW being verticle angles arecongruent. Therefore tringles RXY and TXW are congruent by SAAcorrespondence.
  3. camille ennis
    camille ennis
    XY = XW
    1 = 4
    RY = TW

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