A kite 100ft above the ground m...

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  1. tristan fortin
    tristan fortin
    Using Pythagoras theorem in right angled triangle ABC ,BC=Ö2002-1002=173.2ft
    Now angle A is given by tan(A)= 173.2/100=1.732 that isangle A = 600. Thus the angle which the 200ft of stringmakes with the horizontal is (90-60)=30degrees. And thereforethe angle is changed from 90 to 30 thus it has got a change of60 degrees.
    Now the kite travels a distance of 173.2ft in(173.2ft)/(8ft/s)=21.6s
    Hence the rate of change of angle is (60/21.7)=2.77degrees per second.
    *I am not sure about the solution but i feel that this must bethe procedure of solving.
    If you have the final answer,please let me know.
  2. julia roger
    julia roger
    In the right angled triangle ABC , tanq=100/x or cotq=x/100
    Now using pythagoras theorem AB=
    The kite is moving with a speed of 8ft/s thus it covers adistance of 173.2ft in time given by 173.2/8 s=21.6s
    Hence the rate of change of angle is
    (minus sign as angle is decreazsing)
  3. marcel thiele
    marcel thiele


    sorry i didn't draw in the earlier post but that's what my profhad.

    his answer was d/dt= -2/100 rad/sec
    the main relation was cot=x / 100 (i can't picture this relation)
    if there's a simpler way, thanks

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