An inventor has proposed a device that will accele...

An inventor has proposed a device that will accelerate objects tospeeds greater than c. He proposes to place the object tobe accelerated on a conveyor belt whose speed is 0.790c.Next the entire system is to be placed on a second conveyor beltthat also has a speed of 0.790c, thus producing a finalspeed of 1.58c. What is the actual speed (in c)of the object relative to the ground? Do not enter unit.

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  1. svenja brunner
    svenja brunner
    The Lorentz velocity transformation is given by

    where v is the speed measured by and observer at rest, v' is thespeed of object 1, and u is the speed of object 2 as measured byobject 1. We are given that the speed of the first conveyorbelt is v' = 0.79c, and the speed of the second conveyor belt is u= 0.79c, so the speed of an object on the first conveyor belt wilbe

  2. herbert hall
    herbert hall
    still need help. if anyone can help me i will rate 7points. correct solution needed!
  3. maxime barnaby
    maxime barnaby
       the speed of the object relative totheground can be calculate by applying the realtion of therelativistic addition of velocities
       v = ( v1 + v2) / 1 +( v1 v2 ) / c2 ---(1)
           where v1 =0.790c
                       v2=  0.790c
                    plug the values in equation (1 ) and calculate for the answer

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