A hospital patient receives a quick 500-cc blood t...

A hospital patient receives a quick 500-cc blood transfusion through a needle with a length of 5.0 cm and an inner diameter of 1.0 mm. if the blood bag is suspended 0.85 m above the height where the blood first starts to flow into the vein, how long does the transfusion take? (Neglect the viscosity of the blood flowing in the plastic tube between the bag and the needle.)

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    1. melike ta?l?
      melike ta?l?
    2. mathilde petersen
      mathilde petersen
      from Poiseuille's equation we have
           P IS THE PRESSUREDIFFERENCE = 0 .85 m
          r is the radious of the needle = 1.0 /2 mm  , l is the length of the needle = 5 cm
          V is the volume of the blood = 500-cc , tis time for transfusion
            if we  rewrite theabove equation in terms of ' t ' then we will get andplug the values  
                           convertthe units and plug the values you will get the answer    
    3. hannah scherer
      hannah scherer
      The Flow rate is given by
                                      V / t = ? R4? P / 8? L
                                     0r   t = 8? LV / ? R4?Pt
      But the pressure difference ? P = h? g
                                      0r t  = 8? LV / ? R4h? g
                                      0r t = 7.8 mins

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