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  1. veronika bayer
    veronika bayer
        in the question provided figure shownby, so utilization of   sender for the figureis 0.00027  

        Channel utilization is greater than 90percent

           so the percentage of 0.00027is 2.7%

                thetotal utilization is


        The utilization of senderis 0.0243seconds

        The transmission rate is 1GBPS itmeans

    [common prefixes: 1 bit is equals
    - kilo, meaning 1,000. (one thousand) 10^3 )
    - mega, meaning 1,000,000. (one million) 10^6 - giga, meaning1,000,000,000 (one billion) 10^9
    - tera, meaning 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) 10^12]

        per 1second it is 10^9

        then 0.0243seconds = bits

                                         bits or 24.3Mbits.

        if do u want to ask any question thenquestion also will u post
        then we can easily answer

            thanq,if you haveanydoubt regarding this please post the


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