A fine metal foil separates one end of two pieces ...

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  1. liam thompson
    liam thompson
    For a thin film, dark bands will occur when
                                          2 t = m ? -----------------(1)
    as m = 0 corresponds to the points where the plates meet,( m + 1 ) represents the number of fringes.
                                     Hence     m = 27
    Substituting in equation (1) we get
                                           ? = 9.05? m
  2. maxime barnaby
    maxime barnaby
    th eformula for finding the thick ness of the film whenwave length and number of fringes are given is
           apply the above equationfor this question you wil get the answer
  3. mathilde petersen
    mathilde petersen
         for this question you use thisformula
             N is numberof fringes , ? is wva length

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