Find the interval in which the function is increas...

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  1. jen weaver
    jen weaver
    The interval in which the function is decreasing and increasingis:

    Therefore, x=1 is the critical number,
    and with the test values, the interval is decreasing on(-?,1) and increasing on (1,?).
    The relative minimum is (1,0).
  2. isabella gutierrez
    isabella gutierrez
    Consider the following function.
    f(x) = x3 -27x + 28
    Find the interval(s) where the function is increasing and theinterval(s) where the function is decreasing.
  3. mar ortiz
    mar ortiz

    x=1 is the critical number.
    However, the gradient is undefined for xvalues less than this. So the interval
    -infinity, 1
    has no gradient.
    The value is positive for all x greater than x=1.
  4. eddie andrews
    eddie andrews
    Since a cubic function is defined to positive and negativeinfinity, any domain restrictions of the function will occur due tothe square root expression. Assuming we are only consideringreal numbers, the function will be undefined for any value of xless than one. That is, the domain of the function is
    Since the cubic function has a positive gradient, with a pointof deflection at the origin, the function as influenced by thecubic term will continue to increase in this interval. Thesquare root term will also provide a positive integer value, so thefunction will increase from zero at x=1 for the intervalabove.

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