The data below represent anobservation froma photo...

The data below represent anobservation froma photoelectric effect experiment. Light ofinreasing frequency, but constant brightness or intensity, isilluminated onto a surface of aluminum and the number of electronsemitted from the surface is measured as a function offrequency.
a. Accurately sketch on thegraph below what the data would look like if the brightness of thelight for each frequency was doubled.
What conclustion about the nature of light was inferred from thesedata: My answer is in red for a
My answer for a is in red, and I needhelp for b. Could you explain this and check my answer.Thanks

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  1. liam thompson
    liam thompson
    The number of ejected electrons increases that isdoubled when the intensity is doubled while the total kineticenergy of the ejected electrons remains the same for the samefrequency.
    sketch of the graph is correct.
    Energy of ejected photons (e) depend upon frequency E =h(frequency)
    & the number of ejected photons depend uponintensity.

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