Bullet of mass is fired horizontally with speed ...

bullet of mass is fired horizontally with speed at a wooden block of mass resting on a frictionless table. The bullet hitsthe block and becomes completely embedded within it. After thebullet has come to rest within the block, the block, with thebullet in it, is traveling at speed .  javascript:void(0)
1. Which of the followingbest describes this collision?
  • perfectlyelastic
2. Which of the followingquantities, if any, are conserved during this collision?
kineticenergy only
  • momentumonly
  • kineticenergy and momentum
  • neithermomentum nor kinetic energy

3. What is the speed of the block/bullet system after thecollision?
Express youranswer in terms of , , and .

Answers ( 1 )

  1. herbert hall
    herbert hall
    a) It is a perfectly inelastic collision
    b) Momentum is conserved during the collision
    c) When the bullet strikes the block, using conservationof momentum we have
                       mbvi = ( mb + mw )vf
                          vf  =   mbvi /  (mb + mw)                     

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