A bimetallic rod is composed of brass and copper. ...

A bimetallic rod is composed of brass and copper. If the rod is subjected to a compressive force, will the rod bend toward the brass or the copper? Why? Justify your answer mathematically if the compressive force is 5.00 X 104 N.

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    1. shaina pijnappel
      shaina pijnappel
      Consider de formula of the Young Modulus. Y of cooper isgreater than that of the alloy.
      F= (Y(Ai)(DeltaL))/(Li)
      If you notice, if Y it's bigger, then the force exerted on thematerial is lower (cause it's a division). For the same forceacting, the resultant force exerted in a Y>>> material,will be lower.

      That's all you need to demonstrate i think.
      If it helps:
      Y brass = 10,000,000 lbf/in^2
      Y cooper = 17,000,000 lbf/in^2
    2. lea jørgensen
      lea jørgensen
      The rod will bend towards the brass becausethe Youngs modulasofbrass is less thanthe Youngs modulas ofcopper
             because change in lengthis inversly proportional to Youngs modulas
             Yongs modulas ofbrass    =
             Yongs modulas of copper =

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