From her bedroom window a girl drops a water-fille...

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  1. liam thompson
    liam thompson
        Free FallingBodies
        To solve we apply the 3rd and 1stequations of kinematics
       As the baloon is released from rest initialvelocity u = 0 m / s
              andfinal velocity v = ?, and s = 6.0 m
            more over accelerationdue to gravity g = 9.8 m / s2
              sofrom 3rd equation of kinematics
                      v2-u2 = 2 g s
                  So       v = 10.8 m / s
       Now from the 1st equation of kinematics
                     v= u + gt
              on solving for t we get 1.10 s  
         So the ballon remainsfor 1.10 sin air
  2. david roman
    david roman
    This can be solved with a single equation, the secondkinematic equation:

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