56. Two parallel rods are .50m in length. They are...

56. Two parallel rods are .50m in length. They are attached attheir centers to a spring that is initially neither streched norcompressed. The spring has a spring constant of 150N/m. When 950 Aof current is in each rod in the same direction, the spring isobserved to be compressed by 2.0cm. Treat the rods as long,straight wires and find the seperation between them when thecurrent is present.
I know that the force of a spring is F = -(Spring constant xdisplacement ) and that a force of a magnet = ILBSin ? and B =? I/2? r .(? = 4? x 10^-7)   Idon't know what to do from there though. Any help would beappreciated.

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  1. liam thompson
    liam thompson
    The attractive force per unit length of two long straightparallel wires each with current I
    Fw / L = ? 0 * I^2 / (2 *? * d) where d is the separation
    The force of the compressed spring is given by Fs =k * x where x is the distance compressed
    Equate these two forces and solve for the separationd

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